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In Charging Wikileaks, a Rubicon is Crossed

“Crossing the Rubicon” is an expression as old as Rome to mean a fateful decision from which there is no going back. But there is more to the expression than merely bold decision making. It was forbidden for a Roman general to cross that boundary as head of an army, an act invoked by the Roman Senate, for fear of the Republic being usurped by warlords. When Julius Caesar made his bold move and reportedly said “the die is cast,” he broke with the republic’s ideals and committed Rome to his rule as absolute Emperor. It meant the end of civil liberties, arguably lasting into the 20th century as “Kaiser” and “Czar” are derivatives of Caesar and mean total political control.

For Americans, the fate of our US Constitution is being decided right now and the first amendment is about to fall! CIA director Mike Pompeo has made disturbing claims against Wikileaks head Julian Assange. Pompeo called Wikileaks “a hostile non-state actor,” and it is about time for aggressive action to be taken. Trump contributed by saying he’s okay with that. It’s the kind of language that gives me a chill reminding me when George W. Bush said, like he was Boss Hogg in the Dukes of Hazard “we got to go in there boys and get those WMD’s in Iraq.”

First of all, Wikileaks is not a threat to national security. Losing the top secret, or actually a level higher than that, information almost certainly hacked from Hillary Clinton’s unencrypted servers by hostile non-state actors is a threat to national security. Hillary gets to go free for carelessly sharing top secret information while Wikileaks is about to be charged with a crime. Wikileaks doesn’t hack, it is a publisher that publishes information they feel is accurate and newsworthy. A true police state will have begun if an arrest/attack happens. These two hypocrites, Pompeo and Trump, used wikileaks when it was politically expedient for them during the election. Trump even said: “I love Wikileaks!”

This is about exposing the very words written by those in power. All the DNC schemes and corruption laid bare in the Podesta emails like cheating Bernie Sanders and the unbelievable collusion with the press. For Vault 7’s revelations, it’s a conspiracy theorist’s dream revealing the warrantless spying through gadgets and even hacking cars for “undetectable assassinations” that our government wants to keep hidden from the American people. The elite’s fear is maybe the citizenry will catch on that our government is a dog and pony show while the rich get richer, the poor stay poor and the bombs never stop falling. The information revealed in Wikileaks would never help a foreign enemy but to our elites it must be kept secret.

Head of the Wikileaks organization, Julian Assange, has never been charged with a crime despite being labelled a rapist, pedophile and Russian collaborator. He is, according to the U.N., being unlawfully detained in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London and is even owed compensation. Assange also fears the inevitable torture the CIA will inflict upon him when they get him in a blackout holding area.

So if Julian Assange and Wikileaks are charged with crimes and arrested-a Rubicon will be crossed. Where will it stop? Maybe it’s already been crossed. Other news agencies will be affected now and in the future. CNN, the New York Times, Fox News and the Washington Post are hardly honest news sources now, so how bad will their reporting get when they feel the threat of being charged with a crime? It is an intimidation of journalists, the majority of which are already a joke, and free speech. It will be like displaying the impaled heads of traitors to the crown on the gates surrounding the Tower of London.

Some people are cheering for the arrest of Assange. Bitter Hillary voters have been blaming wikileaks for publishing her actual campaign emails instead of applauding exposing the corruption that exists. If you welcome this attack on wikileaks you are not a true American! Being a true American is not whether your family came over on the Mayflower or how many times you’ve been to Disneyland. It isn’t even where or when you were born but the degree to which you support our constitution. Both our armed forces and politicians took an oath to uphold the constitution always, not just when it is politically convenient. To you in the armed forces and law enforcement remember that oath you took is sacred and your allegiance lies there above all else. The constitution is a contract between our government and the American people giving consent for the government to rule over us but it is being broken. As Thomas Jefferson wrote: when a long train of abuses…” I’m not surprised the U.S. Government’s word is no good however. Just ask an Indian.

Thomas Williams

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