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Hillary Clinton, the Neoliberal Disaster

As surprising as it still remains to millions, the majority of American people still haven’t woken up to the reality that both major political parties are preparing for their final act as the 2016 coup d’etat staged by the Clintons and their backers comes to fruition.

Clinton, an embattled, corrupter than corrupt candidate with a horrific approval rating rivaling that only of her rival, Donald Trump, is neck and neck in the polls with him. That Clinton still has any supporters is a surprise, indeed, considering her extensive neocon stances on everything from war to supporting fracking, banks and corporations. Hillary is definitely no friend to Americans, judging by the policies she embraces as well as the support she showed for her husband’s disastrous atrocities visited upon this country during his term as president with NAFTA, DOMA and the repeal of Glass-Steagal.

It was recently discovered that Hillary Clinton set up her own server to run government business upon, using private emails to conduct state business while acting as Secretary of State. When caught not only using an unencrypted and vulnerable server, but also using a Blackberry phone that the NSA told her she could not use, she obfuscated, lied, and danced around the topic. And the FBI shrugged and said while they didn’t like it, and it “broke some rules”, it was not criminal activity because they couldn’t find any evidence of intent in their year-long investigation. This behavior demonstrates that Clinton doesn’t even understand that her job as Secretary of State would involve working with classified information. How is this acceptable to anyone? How does her ignorance of the handling of classified information make her fit to be president?

Clinton is a disaster as a candidate on just about any level one can imagine. She’s unappealing, defensive, harsh, and unlikeable. She is dismissive and boldly lies even when it’s unnecessary. Her pandering skills are second to none; but sadly, she panders when she doesn’t even need to, resulting in yet more confusion as to why one would say the things she does which backfire so vociferously.

How, then, is this person still in the race?

We know that the Democratic primary was rigged. The election fraud, which operated on many levels, has been proven on at least one: The emails hacked by wikileaks revealed blatant favoritism toward Clinton and against Bernie Sanders, which is by definition actual election fraud. Exit polls showed such huge differentials that in any other country, the election would have been considered fraudulent. But here in our so-called free country, that fraud was allowed and millions of people have been cheated out of their vote and Bernie Sanders has been cheated out of the Presidency, which he would have won handily.

It’s no mystery to anyone who pays attention to what Clinton actually says and does just how awful a candidate Hillary Clinton is. The biggest piece of evidence? She can’t even beat a man who is a proven bigot, buffoon, con artist, misogynist, racist and accused rapist.

Cornell West could have spoken no truer than when he labelled Hillary Clinton a Neoliberal Disaster. Besides needing to be installed in a bloodless coup to win, she will be the instrument that finally melds the two major corporate-owned parties into one inverted totalitarian disaster of an oligarchy.

Mary Vogt
Mary Vogt is an activist, documentary film maker, writer, instructional designer and artist residing in northern California.

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